Software Engineer

Full-Stack Web Developer par excellence

Hi, I'm Ebuka. (pronounced ay-boo-ka)

I am a professional Software Engineer and Web Developer from Nigeria.

I enjoy crafting beautiful pieces of software and watching them come together to solve real-life problems.

I have 8+ years of experience in building products at the highest level with various startups including Paystack Inc., BuyPower Inc. (YC W17) & AfroLotto Nigeria.

I have an Engineering Degree from the prestigious Fed. University of Tech., Minna (B.Eng. Telecoms Engineering)

I spend a lot of my time teaching, mentoring & public speaking, and enjoy sharing knowledge in my community.

Principal Software Engineer - Paystack Inc. (2020 - Present)
Engineering Tech Lead - BuyPower Inc. (2017 - 2020)
Lead Trainer - TheHashHub (2017)
IT Coordinator - AfroLotto NG (2016)

Javascript & Typescript - Expert Node.js® - ExpertReactJS, VueJS - ExpertDatabases - MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, CouchDB - AdvancedCI - Travis, CircleCloud/Ops - Google Cloud, AWS, Heroku, Docker, Kubernetes
PHP, Laravel, Python, Java, Dart, Flutter, Swift

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